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Questions About Becoming A Vendor?

See our commonly asked questions below!

Q: How do I apply to become a vendor?

A: You will need to fill out an online submission form. It must be completely filled out and have at least 8 different images of your products attached in jpeg form.


Q: How large of a booth do I get for the price?

A: We are an open concept store. So that being said, we are based more on product quantity. If you submit an application we will be happy to let you know how much product of yours we can hold in the shop at any given time.

Q: How many vendors of each product do you allow in?

A: We only allow a small amount of each craft in our shop to prevent inside competition. We also require vendors to price similarly so that there is no undercutting going on in the shop.

Q: Can I share a contract with my friend?

A: Unfortunately we do not allow contract sharing. We are a small store with limited space and in order for our business to be successful we can not allow it. If someone is found later to have been doing so, we will charge the additional rent for the months their items have been in our shop and terminate the existing contract.

Q: How long is the contract for?

A: Our contract for vendors is a year long. We are also open all year for a minimum of 40 hours a week. However, in the summer we will extend our hours based on increased foot traffic.

Q: Do I have to volunteer my time at the shop?

A: No, we take care of staffing our shop and prefer to have "less cooks in the kitchen". 

Q: Do I bring in my own display and set everything up?

A: We are responsible to display your items. We feel this keeps a similar flow through the store from product to product.

Q: What type of security do you have?

A: We have an ADT top of the line security system as well as the door security. We put security tags on everything we possibly can.

Q: What are your rental fees?

A: Our fees are $75.00 a month with 20% commission on sales. We also have a one time set up fee of $25.00. We also sometimes offer 40% commission without a monthly fee. This would be something we discuss with each vendor personally.

Q: Who covers sales tax and credit card fees?

A: Our store pays the state all of the sales and vacation area taxes as well as any credit card processing fee. 

Q: Do I have to file taxes at the end of the year for my products?

A: We do not delve into vendors taxes. This is completely each vendors responsibility at the end of the year. We do provide a monthly statement of what has been sold to each vendor by email.

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